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No change of the annual fee for 2020

The board has decided not to change the annual fee for 2020. Read more about the annual fee in the statutes, Paragraf §7 Fees on

Additional Annual Meeting 14/11 19.00

The agenda will be posted in the entrance halls and on our webbsite Place of the meeting will be the boardroom at Margareteborgsvägen 23. All members are welcome.


New cleaning company ”Städpulsen”
A new cleaning company Städpulsen is in place.Their staff have been introduced to the facilities and a first thorough cleaning has been completed. Their process is environmentally friendly and backed by the mark ”Svanenmärkt”. Their employees have special training targeted towards cleaning of larger facilities such as ours. Welcome Städpulsen!

Cleaning of your main drains v.44

In order to maintain and prolong the lifespan of our drains the drains will be flushed and rinsed by Insterspol during week 44, 28th of October to 1st of November. You will find additional information posted in all entrance halls.

Installment of charging stations for EV (Electrical Vehicles)
Six charging stations have been ordered and are almost finally installed in the garage of Johannesbergsplan 20. Skanska will manage the lease of these parking lots. For more information please send an email to Read more abaout parking on our webbsite

The old compostroom will be turned into a storage room for bicycles
The room on Margreteborgsvägen 24 will have bicycle racks and additional shelves to store the compostbags. More information on this will follow.

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